Risk management

Risk management is defined as the identification and evaluation of actual and potential risk areas as they are applicable to your company. What follows is a process of mitigation, acceptance, transfer or avoidance of each risk.

As companies today are complex entities, beset by rapid change and competition, your assessment of your exposure to risk is paramount.

We make use of state-of-the-art risk management models in order to help you maintain a sound system of risk management and internal control.

Our methodology provides you with assurance that you can achieve your business objectives with regard to:

  • acting responsibly towards your stakeholders
  • reliable reporting
  • ensuring business continuity under adverse as well as normal conditions
  • compliance with the law
  • safe guarding your assets, and
  • efficient and effective operations.

Our risk management services include the following:

  • risk assessments
  • risk profiling – this is the identification and evaluation of the risk that impact your organisation.
  • risk investigation
  • risk reporting
  • development and implementation of a customised risk management process