Tax advisory & compliance services

Given the ever-increasing complexities of tax legislation plus the severe penalties imposed on taxpayers that fail to meet their tax obligations, tax compliance can no longer be treated as a low priority. It is now a critical business imperative that demands as much attention as any other business risk, if not more. Similarly, obtaining appropriate tax advice is important when faced with any tax related matter where the tax treatment is uncertain – in today’s tax environment, this could apply in almost every instance. This is especially relevant when dealing with financing arrangements, corporate actions and any cross-border activities, whether investment or trading.

Our main areas of business include:

Compliance services

  • Income tax for corporates, individuals and trusts
  • Value added tax

Advisory services

  • Corporate income tax
  • Employees tax
  • Global mobility services
  • Transfer pricing
  • International income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Customs and excise
  • Value added tax

Tax Guide for 2015