Independent business and strategic performance reviews

Our independent review will result in a report to stakeholders on the viability of the business, conclusions and actions required and recommendations on how to restore profitability or how to limit further costs and financial exposure.

Such a review could be valuable if a business:

•   regularly exceeds its bank facility limits

•   is in breach of lending covenants

•   is suffering regular liquidity shortages

•   has difficulty raising cash and has exhausted all immediate sources of funding

•   is exceeding credit terms with suppliers

•   is incurring significant and regular trading losses

•   has lost the support of critical stakeholders from owners to funders

•   is not producing reliable financial and trading information for key stakeholders on a frequent and regular basis.

Through independent analysis and expert insight, we can help rebuild trust between a business and its stakeholders.

Strategic performance reviews
Strategic performance reviews analyse the key drivers of performance improvement.

Our specialists utilise a framework to evaluate financial and operational options and to identify solutions for businesses and their stakeholders.